The future is fully generative
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<bold>"CHRYSALISM is an experiment in radical biomimicry, an immersive system of converging data from the living world and our digital code, a new dimension for procedural art"</bold>
Generative Creation
[36] computational systems intersect to create a unique meta - organic blueprint.
the result :: a collection of [6765] dynamic, data - driven, multi - dimensional artworks, emerging for the first time on the ETHereum blockchain.
[100 percent] non-repetitive
[100 percent] interconnected
[100 percent] personalised
Unique Forms
</“as in nature, no two specimens are exactly alike”. in our fully generative process, no traits will recur.>
A New Intersection
</“bio meets crypto”. the beauty of the natural world intertwines with the DNA of the digital world for the first time.>
Inifinite Possibilities
</“from genesis to flight”. observe your organism grow from your inputs :: from larva to winged creature. see where it will fly.>


is the intersection of

Life + C0DE

<![01] Code: DNA Sequence>
on-chain inputs + horological calibration = unique seed number
<![02] Code: Chrystal>
platonic solids + unique cosmological positioning = *personalised chrystal cocoon
<![03] Code: Hue>
triadic palette + diverse saturations = ethereal composition
<![04] Code: Adjacencies>
unique algorithms + fractal growth = fully organic curvatures
<![05] Code: Biomes>
cosmic data + unique biotopes = distinctive biomes
<![06] Code: Larva>
evident traits + stored DNA code = dormant organism
<![07] Final Code: Unique Organism>
seed DNA + novel data points = distinctive metamorphosis


unique organism:
developing phase:
<code: 8674249280>
    {"trait_type":"DNA sequence","value":9280},
    {"trait_type":"Abdomen length","value":"Giga"},
    {"trait_type":"Abdomen width","value":"Regular"},
    {"trait_type":"Leg size","value":"Regular"},
    {"trait_type":"Oculus size","value":"Nano"},
    {"trait_type":"Antenna length","value":"Micro"},
    {"trait_type":"Antenna type","value":"Pectinate"},
    {"trait_type":"Head size","value":"Regular"},
    {"trait_type":"Pattern intensity","value":"Trippy"},
    {"trait_type":"Corporeal anomaly","value":"VII"},
  "name":"Lepidopteravivida loticulus"
<code: 8674249280>
    {"trait_type":"Thorax width","value":"II"},
    {"trait_type":"Thorax length","value":"III"},
    {"trait_type":"Pili type","value":"I"},
    {"trait_type":"Pili length","value":"X"},
    {"trait_type":"Wings anomaly","value":"0"},
    {"trait_type":"Primary wings rotation","value":"0"},
    {"trait_type":"Secondary wings rotation","value":"II"}
  "name":"Lepidopteravivida loticulus"



<5% of primary sale raise to IRL environmental conservation cause>


<establishment of CHRYSALISM:FUND to ensure roadmap fulfilment>


<metamorphosis begins. hatching means that the buyer can transform their larva into an insect, which also will be 100% generative art>

<![04]: CHRY:WORLD>

<chrystalised creatures are only the beginning. with CHRY:WORLD our aim is to build a completely new universe full of different specimens and possibilities>

<![05]: CHRY:LAB>

<a home for future creative collaborations which explore the intersection of art, nature and code, where the potential to change the world for the better may be found>



01/10 babythirtysix


sagittarius sign
Chief Creative Officer & Founder
Creative Director with design education from CSM and Goldsmiths with a 15 year career in creative services. Student of astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London. Using Web3 to educate on interconnected worlds.
more info
02/10 Dr Kira Eilers

Dr Kira Eilers

libra sign
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Scientist with a PhD in Molecular Biology from Imperial College London. Fascinated by the beauty and magic of the microbial world. Now running experiments with data grown bugs on the blockchain.
more info
03/10 EMinty


taurus sign
Chief Technical Officer
Oxford graduate with 15 years’ experience as a software developer. Working primarily with blockchain and cryptocurrency for the last 5 years, and more recently exploring new possibilities with NFTs on Ethereum and other blockchains.
more info
04/10 Ved Uttam

Ved Uttam

aquarius sign
Art Director
Graphic Designer and Visual Artist. Exploring the intersection of art and technology through his work using AI and CGI. His experience with branding, CGI motion and generative design is integral to the artistic legacy of this project.
more info
05/10 Nicolas Berger

Nicolas Berger

sagittarius sign
3D Artist
Freelance 3D Artist for 17 years. His creative process, based in Houdini, focuses on the patterns and structures found in natural, animal, or mineral worlds, using an artistic approach and both generative and procedural techniques.
more info
06/10 El TaOuch

El TaOuch

pisces sign
Website Developer
Full Stack Software Engineer / DevOps nerd with over 10 years of professional experience in Web Industry. Fascinated by all things three-dimensional he produces experimental graphics in his spare time.
more info
07/10 Guillaume Casagrande

Guilherme Casagrandi

capricorn sign
Pipeline Engineer
Mathematician graduating from the University of São Paulo. Self-taught VFX Artist and founder of HardcoreFX. Working to bring the most fantastical and impossible ideas to life using Houdini, Nuke and Adobe Suite.
more info
08/10 Mark Byrne

Mark Byrne

aries sign
Consultant editor, copywriter and storyteller, previously working for New York Magazine, GQ and Stranger & Stranger. Proud founder of sustainable vodka brand Good Vodka.
more info
09/10 Uzui


sagittarius sign
Discord Community Manager
Passionate community builder with extensive experience as moderator and recruiter in several Web3 communities.
more info
10/10 Julia Davids

Julia Davids

virgo sign
Dentist turned NFT Marketing Strategist. In Web3 since late 2015, focusing on bringing fine art to the space she has worked with several well-known institutions including Casa Batlló in Barcelona and Christie's New York.
more info
01. What is CHRYSALISM?
<CHRYSALISM is a fully generative collection of digital artworks that are based on thirty-six computational systems and algorithms rather than being a combination of pre-made traits. />
02. How are the generative 3D artworks created?
<Every aspect of the 3D artwork is driven by real-life data, including on and off-chain inputs like your personal astrological information (zodiac sign) and individual blockchain data points (blocknumber, wallet ID etc.). A unique ‘Data DNA Seed’ will be created that will determine hundreds of parameters, giving birth to a truly unique specimen. />
03. How is the data collected and processed?
<Collection of the data is initiated at mint. We have built an automatic data pipeline (bridging blockchain and a classic VFX pipeline) that feeds on-chain inputs directly into our system and creates a unique 3D scene that is rendered and processed on 100x servers, all in a closed loop, ensuring no delay of the art reveal. />
04. How is the artwork personalised?
<Both personal on and off-chain data are mapped to traits and aspects of the artwork.
In Phase I personal blockchain data as well as the user's unique zodiac sign is used to create the artwork. In Phase II and III new data points from the individual holding the NFT during the hatching event are incorporated. />
05. How does the hatching process work?
<The hatching process is initiated during Phase II and gives the buyer an opportunity to transform their chrystalised larva into a winged creature, which is also developed in a 100% generative manner. Holders get the chance to imprint their digital collectible's metadata with new data points to hatch a winged creature. To follow the evolutionary example, the larva (and therefore the first image as well as metadata that is linked to the NFT) will be updated and exchanged for the insect. />
06. What happens if I mint several?
<Even if you were to mint more than one, each 3D artwork would still be unique. They will share underlying similarities in the data structure and visible resemblance if you choose to imprint the same zodiac sign, but each will always be unique. Our minting experience will give you the opportunity to mint multiple NFTs personalised with different zodiac signs. />
07. How is rarity defined?
<Every aspect or trait of the CHRYSALISM artwork is 100% generative, making a predetermined rarity system impossible. As the person minting is directly involved as a co-creator of the finished unique and personalised NFT, we will only be able to determine rarity after mint. However, there will be rarity once the artwork is revealed. />
08. What is the utility of CHRYSALISM?
<Foremost, CHRYSALISM features highly realistic and detailed art that dynamically evolves. 36 algorithms make up a truly unique and 100% generative experience that provides a personalised collectible with an emotional connection. Further, CHRYSALISM will comprise a vast meta-cosmic world. Our chrystalised creatures are an entry point for future world-building and will hatch, spread their wings and evolve, building new dimensions. With the establishment of a technology platform (CHRY:LAB) we will give artists the opportunity to utilise our blockchain-connected 3D rendering pipeline as a launchpad for generative collections, and give our community voting rights over the corresponding vault and funding. Through this platform we can provide our community with perks and value feedback such as events, presale access to future projects and potential airdrops. />
09. Which blockchain will we use?
<Ethereum />
10. What is the supply?
<6765 - the 20th Fibonacci number />
11. What is the mint price?
<TBA />
12. Are there secondary royalties?
<TBA />